Examples of Student WebQuests

Click below to see outstanding WebQuests created by former EDCI 260 students. All of these WebQuests were created using Questgarden.

Elementary Education (K-6)

Literacy Social Studies Science Mathematics Diversity Multidiscipline
Shirley Kellemen (elementary language arts) Gina Caldwell-Kaiser (elementary geography) Therese Jamieson
(elementary life science)
Caryn Sknerski (elementary math)   Samantha Bobin (elementary language arts/social studies)
  Kellie Rauguth (elementary social studies) Tina Naumoski (elementary life science)     Anna Rollins (elementary language arts/guidance)
    Jillian Vasquez
(elementary life science)
    Kelley Jusko
(colors and shape/literacy)
    Angela Lukowski (elementary life science)     Kim Kwasniewski (elementary literacy/science/health)
    Liza Rainey-Bianchi (elementary life science)     Briana Reed (elementary science/literacy)
          Amanda Tuel (elementary math/literacy/science)
          Carianne Jones (elementary science/literacy)
          Tiffany Lopez (elementary literacy/math)
          Fred Pittman (elementary literacy/life science)

Secondary Education (7-12)

Literacy Social Studies Science Mathematics Diversity Multidiscipline
Candi Reese
(secondary English writing)
Shawn Ramsey (secondary social studies) Jennifer McDonald (secondary chemistry) John Ardnt (secondary algebra)   Nicole Lappin (secondary psychology/literacy)
Payge Williams (secondary English literature) Tara Dransoff (middle school social studies/literacy)   Janine Wohadlo (secondary math/health)   Alyson Pilawski (elementary government/math)
Keri Szotek
(secondary English writing)
Annmarie Plant
(middle school social studies)
  Nick Thomas (middle school history)        
  Alejandra Nieto (high school history)        
  Roman Gitlarz (high school history)        
  Debby Williams (high school social studies)